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Updated: Jan 2

Welcome to Dr. Amin's Dental Care Blog, where oral health meets insightful expertise. Dr. Amin, a seasoned dental professional, invites you on a journey through the fascinating world of dentistry.

Join us as we explore the nuances of dental health, share expert advice, and foster a community dedicated to achieving and maintaining radiant smiles."

What you see here is a patient who visited our dental office with a complaint of a broken bridge. Upon examination, we discovered that the patient had previously undergone a root canal treatment, followed by crowns on those affected teeth.

Faced with this situation, we had two viable options...

Option one: Extract the broken tooth and opt for Dental Implants, followed by crowns, to achieve that perfect smile.

Option two: Proceed with a post and core build-up, coupled with crowns on the same teeth. Now, you might be wondering about post and core. It involves recreating the lost tooth structure with a fiber placed inside the existing tooth root, extending out to provide support for a tooth-like structure. This structure is then used as a foundation for crowns, as seen in the image on the right.

Despite having consulted with several dentists who were inclined towards dental implants, the patient faced financial constraints. Therefore, we chose the second option, and the post-treatment picture on the right showcases a satisfied and delighted patient.

While the treatment we provided was cost-effective compared to implants, it's essential to advise the patient to avoid biting anything too hard with their front teeth. We encouraged a cautious and gentle approach.

As we conclude my first case blog, it emphasizes the importance of considering the patient's perspective and financial situation in planning the most suitable treatment. No matter the advancements in treatments available, it's crucial to tailor our approach to the patient's unique needs.

Signing off for now. I look forward to sharing more case blogs with you in the future.

Until then, goodbye.

Dr. Yunus Amin F

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